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The 3 R’s: Review + Revive + Revenue

Being lucky enough to live in such an undeniably beautiful place, I am surrounded by natural attractions that the world is busting to see. As the growing tourism industry continues to expand in Noosa and the greater Sunshine Coast so too does the demand for holiday accommodation.

No matter which end of the market your property sits or who you’re demographic is, I feel it’s imperative that all options provide a quality experience so we as a community and destination can continue to maintain a healthy reputation and attract a good level of yield across the region. Nobody wants to be forking out good money on a holiday only to stay at a “below average” desperately outdated property.

One of the biggest ways to enhance the experience for the guest, in my opinion, is to reflect the gorgeous environment outside on the inside. One of the best ways to do this is to consider giving your property a make-over. Depending on how tired or weathered – the property may need a total reconstructive overhaul, but most times a fabulous result can be had by a simple cosmetic spruce up.

These are my Three R’s to remember:

Review – take the time to really look at your property objectively… as a guest.​​

  • ​​Subjectivity v’s objectivity. It’s easy to become complacent and “IN” your business. Being ​​objective can be really hard especially when you’re a hands on owner/manager and are simply concentrating on operations to keep things ticking over from day to day.

  • So call in a third party! Home Harmony are happy to provide a free consultation and throw around some options to help you prioritize.

  • Make an achievable, realistic hit list and be truthful about what is crying out for change and what can wait.

Revive – There are a huge variety of ways to “revive” a property, here are a few.

  • A simple lick of paint can change a space enormously

  • Rip up that old stained, shiny carpet and look at other more economical options that require less labour, or go with a shorter more manageable pile.

  • Furniture! How long have you had that piece??....Is it really enhancing the space or is it simply an eyesore. A furniture package can be created to fit your requirements and can largely help to create space, comfort & visual pleasure for your guests to enjoy.

  • Artwork can become very subjective, however, it does not need to be. A broad approach in this sense is usually the most effective. There are so many wonderful artists and photographers at our doorstep to be utilised! Keep in mind to come up with something that complements the entire package (wall paint, flooring, furniture, linen etc), not just your personal preference.

  • Linen & soft furnishings are so important to tie things together in a space. Practical, well wearing, yet comfortable with that all important aesthetic appeal.

Revenue - The reason behind Review & Revive.

Often the last thing we want to do is spend hard earned cash when things are “working just fine the way they are” - Are they?

Continuing to expect high yield without presenting a high quality and present day product may mean you are not bringing in the revenue you could.

Some reasons you might wish to employ the assistance of a property stylist:

  • If you have been struggling to maintain regular bookings and occupancy like you “used” to.

  • You are new to the property - either management or owner and see the need to revive and freshen things up.

  • Maybe some of the owners in the property you manage have been complaining about low bookings and you can see their apartment could use a revival.

  • You realise to keep up with the very savvy demand of holiday makers these days means making some changes. Guests want to stay in well maintained and up to date accommodation.

I look forward to helping you achieve your new look and continue bringing people back to enjoy our glorious part of the world!



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