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Online Consultation

Virtual In-Home or Office Consultations

In this day and time many people are working from home.

Take a few minutes to really look around your space...

  • How does it make you feel?

  • Are there any rooms that just aren’t working?

  • An area you simply don’t know what to do with?

  • Having trouble creating a home office?

  • Kids or relatives moving out or back in and finding it difficult creating functional and harmonious spaces?

Or perhaps you just need some ideas to give your home or office a bit of a “re-fresh”!

Providing you with collectively 20 years of styling knowledge in all areas of the property styling arena, I now offer online consultations. You no longer need to be inconvenienced with someone turning up to your busy home or office and you also don't need to leave your property to receive styling advice!

Sometimes it's as simple as a placement issue and re-positioning things appropriately can create a completely different space.

How it works...

First Contact:

Just call me, facebook message me or email me with what you require help with ie: area of your home, one room, two rooms, entire home/space or specific issue.

Lock It In:

Let's make a convenient time for you to have your online consultation. 


$150 for the consultation. I simply send you a link to pay online - it's quick and easy. 

I will require payment upfront to proceed.

What you will Need:

A handheld device with video - either smart phone, tablet/ipad etc.

What's Next...

I will send you a link to a video communication platform and simply dial in at the allocated time. This way you can walk me around your space and we can discuss your options then and there.


Included in your consultation is a report outlining what we discussed and solutions reached in our time together which I send direct to your inbox within 24hrs of our consultation.

Let's chat to discuss your Property Styling Solutions.


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